Stefan by Burnett

by DJ Bowler Hat

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This is it... probably the most ambitious mashup song I've ever made... 4 months in the making. Hope you enjoy!

Oh, and also, this is my official announcement that my new album is still in development, with some important tweaks. The whole package is now called Fair Use and the second part of the album is now called It Was All A Dream (so those names got swapped).

...oh yeah, and also, this double album is now a quintuple album. That's probably important to mention too.

The first two parts of the album (Only '90s Kids Will Remember This and It Was All A Dream) are the same as was announced before. But the next three parts? Well... let's just keep that a surprise right now. (Here's a hint, though: at least one part was previously announced.)

No official release date since most of It Was All A Dream is still in-progress... I'm gonna aim for December 21st, though... let's hope six months is enough time to get everything done.

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released June 22, 2017




DJ Bowler Hat Boston, Massachusetts

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